NAVFAC Employee Competency Assessment

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What is the NAVFAC Employee Competency Assessment?
The NAVFAC Employee Competency Assessment (ECA) is a confidential self-assessment tool that will help you capture your current capabilities across the twenty non-technical competencies that make up the NAVFAC Workforce Development Continuum.
What is the NAVFAC Workforce Development Continuum?
The Continuum is the framework for identifying mission-essential local, technical, and non-technical competencies across NAVFAC. It also specifically outlines specific, enterprise-wide standards for 20 non-technical Foundational, Supervisory, and Management competencies. The Continuum framework allows you to identify your level of skill in order to facilitate the creation of comprehensive career roadmaps and meaningful career conversations with supervisors and mentors. The NAVFAC Workforce Development Continuum works in conjunction with the 70/20/10 approach.
What is the 70/20/10 approach?
The 70/20/10 approach promotes the idea that development occurs through experiences, peer-to-peer learning, AND formal learning. The “70/20/10” numbers are not prescriptive as development can happen in a variety of ways. Rather, they reinforce the idea that most of adult learning comes from experiences and learning from others. Formal classroom instruction (e.g., workshops, classroom training, online training) provides more of an amplifier effect that boosts learning through the understanding of fundamental principles and expansion of an individual’s knowledge base.
How were the 20 competencies selected?
Eighteen of the 20 competencies are derived from the OPM and/or DON competency frameworks. Two competencies, vital to NAVFAC, are not derived from the OPM or DoD/DON framework and have been added: Evidence-Based Decision-Making and Communicating for Results. Each of the initial competencies were selected because they are among those most directly aligned to achieving NAVFAC’s mission. While not all competencies are required for some positions and/or occupations, they are most likely to provide employees the greatest opportunity for career growth within NAVFAC’s context and culture.
What does “competency” mean?
Competencies are the specific capabilities that people need to know (knowledge), do (skills), and have (traits or abilities) in order to be successful in their job.
What does “proficiency” mean?
An individual’s level of proficiency is the degree of skill, knowledge, and abilities that one has in a particular competency area. This Competency Assessment is organized on a five-point proficiency scale between “Awareness” and “Expert”.
How do I assess my proficiency level?
Your self-assessment should be based on careful and honest consideration of your current knowledge, skills, and abilities for each competency. It is important to note that no level of proficiency is “good” or “bad.” In fact, the “Awareness” level of proficiency would be perfectly reasonable for many competencies, and a level of “Expert” would be exceedingly rare.
Is the Competency Assessment linked to my performance appraisal?
No. The Competency Assessment is not linked to any performance review and should only be used as a guide for your professional development / career path awareness. Your supervisor will not have access to your self-assessed proficiency scores unless you share them, which you are encouraged to do.
How will the information be used?
The aggregated information will help the organization prioritize key areas of growth through effective resourcing and planning. Individuals are encouraged to share their results with their supervisors and can use this information to inform IDP development and select the right development opportunities based on career goals.
How do I receive a report of my ECA?
You will have an opportunity to download your ECA report immediately after completing the ECA.
Is completion of the ECA mandatory?
NAVFAC believes in your growth potential and is investing in your development. Completing the ECA is the first step in your career growth journey and is not mandatory but is highly encouraged. If operational requirements prevent you from doing so in the timeframe stipulated, the ECA should be completed prior to completing or updating your IDP. The ECA will be mandatory for all civilian employees beginning Fiscal Year 2021.
I don’t have easy access to a desktop computer. Is there another option for me to take the ECA?
Yes, you can access the ECA on your smart phone or any other smart device. You can also use your home computer. If you are unable to access any of these options, please speak with your supervisor or someone else you trust. They can print out a form for you and you will be able to fill it in manually.
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